Will Donald Trump Be Impeached?

Will Donald Trump Be Impeached? Find out the daily odds here.


the likelihood of a donald trump impeachment


chance Donald Trump will be impeached within the next 90 days ( up 7% in past 60 days).  Click here to learn more about the impeachment process.


chance Donald Trump will be impeached during his Presidency, according to the latest bookmaker odds.

When will donald trump be impeached

Current calculations suggest Donald Trump will be impeached by:

Mid 2018

Why trump will be impeached

Trump’s Pardon of Joe Arpaio Is an Impeachable Offence

If Trump is proven to have had direct connections with Russia during the campaign he will be liable for Impeachment

Midterms may give Democrats control of Congress which will open up the path to impeachment

Support for impeaching Trump now sits at 40%

His comments following the Charlottesville march have turned public sentiment further against him


IMpeachment google search trends over 5 years

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Washington Post: Democrat moves to force House debate on Trump’s alleged business conflicts and Russia ties

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Huffington Post: Arizona Once Elected A Governor Like Trump... And Impeached Him

Quartz: Betting markets put the odds of a Trump impeachment or resignation at around 48%

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Politics USA: Republican Congressman Hints At Trump Impeachment If Flynn Lied For The President

how would donald trump be impeached and what does it mean?

Impeachment allows formal charges to be laid against a government officer for an alleged crime.  The US Constitution gives the House of Representatives – currently controlled by Donald Trump’s Republican party –  the sole power of impeachment. Whilst it is trial of a criminal act, impeachment is not considered a criminal trial. Rather, the House of Representatives will consider whether the officer shall be removed from office, and whether they shall be barred from ever re-entering office.

If Donald Trump was impeached, The Senate would conduct and impeachment trial against him. Members of the House of Representatives are responsible for the role of prosecutor in this case.

Only two US Presidents in history have been impeached. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were both successfully impeached by the House of Representatives, but were acquitted by the Senate. The impeachment of Richard Nixon did not proceed as he resigned prior to proceedings commencing.