Russia connections getting closer to the top

President Donald Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under fire over meetings with the Russian Ambassador that he initially denied. As we've constantly stated, Trump's greatest impeachment threat are his, and his close connections' ties to Russia.

According to the BBC;

Attorney General Jeff Sessions met Russia's ambassador during Donald Trump's presidential campaign, despite telling his confirmation hearing he had "no communications with the Russians".

The justice department confirmed he met Sergei Kislyak in July and September last year as part of his role on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Mr Sessions on Wednesday said his comments at his confirmation related to his role on the Trump campaign team.

Democrats accused him of lying on oath.

They said he must resign, and also called on him to step aside from an investigation by the FBI - which he oversees as attorney general - into alleged Russian interference in the US election, including contacts between Russian officials and those involved in campaigning.

Nick Henderson