Will Donald Trump Be Impeached?

Will Donald Trump Be Impeached? Find out the daily odds here.

will donald trump be impeached?

Each day our team examine the key issues and announcements made by the Trump administration and assess whether these have the potential to lead President Donald Trump closer to impeachment. It is important to note that the odds of Trump impeachment proceedings commencing within the next 90 days are calculated based on the direction Trump is taking and issues relating to both him and his team that could point to potentially bigger issues. The bookmaker odds are calculated based on an average of the world's largest betting agencies and are an objective, and historically most reliable, guide to the likelihood of a Trump impeachment.

the likelihood of a donald trump impeachment


chance Donald Trump will be impeached within the next 90 days ( up 6% in past 60 days).  Click here to learn more about the impeachment process.


chance Donald Trump will be impeached during his Presidency, according to the latest bookmaker odds.

When will donald trump be impeached

Based on the bookmaker odds Trump is most likely to be impeached:

Mid 2019

Why Trump won't be impeached

Donald Trump has a 14% chance of being impeached in the next 90 days. With FBI Director James Comey now formally confirming there is an FBI investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign the likelihood of an impeachment has increased. Whilst no evidence has been found, any evidence that does surface linking Donald Trump to any illegal activity is almost certain to lead to impeachment proceedings being initiated against him. With former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn having now agreed to testify at the Congressional investigation into the matter in exchange for immunity from prosecution, Donald Trump's chance of impeachment has risen once again. Additional factors when considering a Trump impeachment include that many Republicans don't like Trump - as an outsider who doesn't conform to the conventions of traditional politics - and many are on record saying this, which is why a Trump impeachment is an almost 50/50 chance during his Presidency according to bookmakers. We have also seen recent moves by Democrats to try to force Congress to debate Trump's Russia ties and possible conflicts of interest. As the ties to Russia keep getting close to the top the odds of impeachment will naturally increase.

Why Trump will be impeached

The odds of impeachment proceedings to commence within 90 days are still unlikely but the resignation of Michael Flynn and the links between Trump's Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions does raise questions about the administration's ties to Russia. The FBI investigation puts further pressure on Trump.

Trump has form for finding trouble and that isn't something that Presidents want to be associated with. He has had thousands of lawsuits brought against him including a case against Trump University which he recently settled for $25 million. With Trump's many business interests which will be directly impacted by the decisions he makes as President this is his greatest threat right now. Trump signed over his companies to family members who have prominent, if mainly unofficial, roles within his office. This contrasts with former Presidents who have divested their assets into a true blind trust ensuring that there can be no conflict, or perceived conflict of interest. Observers will be monitoring the decisions he makes and how they could impact his business interests closely. Bad decisions, and subsequent claims of corruption or conflict, could lead Trump down the path of impeachment.

Whilst his perceived missteps in the election campaign only seemed to have enhanced his reputation, his words and actions now have consequences.  Time will tell how long he lasts.

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how would donald trump be impeached and what does it mean?

Impeachment allows formal charges to be laid against a government officer for an alleged crime.  The US Constitution gives the House of Representatives – currently controlled by Donald Trump’s Republican party –  the sole power of impeachment. Whilst it is trial of a criminal act, impeachment is not considered a criminal trial. Rather, the House of Representatives will consider whether the officer shall be removed from office, and whether they shall be barred from ever re-entering office.

If Donald Trump was impeached, The Senate would conduct and impeachment trial against him. Members of the House of Representatives are responsible for the role of prosecutor in this case.

Only two US Presidents in history have been impeached. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were both successfully impeached by the House of Representatives, but were acquitted by the Senate. The impeachment of Richard Nixon did not proceed as he resigned prior to proceedings commencing.